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Offering couples, individual, and group services for adults and adolescents.
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Consultation and coaching services are designed for anyone wanting to improve their quality of life and maximize their potential.
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Offering training in both small and large group settings. Learning should be fun.
Call or Email to discuss your needs.
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Groups provide a powerful avenue for personal and interpersonal growth.
Join us for a boost to your well-being.
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Mindfulness Awareness Training

This psychoeducational group provides training for basic mindfulness practices (e.g. breath and body awareness). Benefits include increased focus and clarity, improved communication skills, increased sense of inner calm, and increased ability to regulate anxiety and other emotions. See attached flier for current group information. mindfulness awareness training 2018

Connecting with Others

This semi-structured group allows participants to learn about themselves in relationships- both how they experience themselves and how others experience them. Members see how connecting with their whole being helps them communicate more clearly and, ultimately create meaningful, fulfilling relationships. Possible side effects may include feelings of ease, well-being, support, and joy.

Learning to Thrive – Making a Good Life Great

This semi-structured group is designed to provide skills and support for people looking to maximize their happiness and performance in life, work, and relationships. Benefits include enhanced sense of Competence, Relatedness, and Autonomy (Deci & Ryan, 2000), learning things about yourself that you could not learn alone, accountability, and exposure to diverse perspectives.

Focusing Skills- Is it ADHD?

Explore attention and focus from a holistic perspective. Learn a variety of non-pharmacological approaches to improving concentration.

A variety of people participate in these group therapy sessions, including professionals and students looking to improve their productivity, couples and parents trying to enhance their communication, and adults whose difficulty with maintaining concentration impedes their quality of life in some way.