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Offering couples, individual, and group services for adults and adolescents.
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Consultation and coaching services are designed for anyone wanting to improve their quality of life and maximize their potential.
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Offering training in both small and large group settings. Learning should be fun.
Call or Email to discuss your needs.
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Groups provide a powerful avenue for personal and interpersonal growth.
Join us for a boost to your well-being.
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client testimonials - fall lake

Clients have described Tamara as: “down to earth”, “the real deal”, and “a finely tuned instrument.”

Additional client comments:

  • “You offer ideas and perspectives that I’ve never heard anywhere else.”
  • “Unlike previous coaching/therapy, I always leave the session with more than I came in with.”
  • “You seem like you don’t let people get away with stuff’.”
  • “I don’t think I’ve ever gotten this far in therapy before.”
  • “I feel like I could tell you anything.”
  • You seem “calm and direct.”

Dr Tamara Share, Counseling Psychologist, offers couples, individual, group, and testing services for adults and adolescents. Contact her today for a free telephone consultation to learn more about her practice.